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view towards the mountains

St. Coloman's church
St. Coloman's church

There is something to experience at Schwangau all over the year. Not only the free nauture presents itself in a light of the corresponding season with new, fascinating views. Modern as well as traditional events are also offered for the visitors.

Many guests just come to Hohenschwangau in order to have a look at the famous king's castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. But the nature was there before the kings came, so the kings have built the castles at that place because of the beautiful nature. Schwangau is worthwhile to have a visit there, and Füssen (the next town beside) is as well.

Be impressed by the photographs taken around this place, which are illustrating the text descriptions beside. Be inspired to spend your holidays at this marvellous landscape. We would be very pleased to welcome you as our guests in our holiday apartment.

If you like, you can take a look at the area around Schwangau with Google Maps. At the menu item „from the sky“ you will find these maps. Have a look at the lakes, the mountains, the landscape with its towns and streets, where you can spend your holidays, if you like.

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